Review Policy

Review requests are currently closed, apologies!

Thanks for your interest in having me review your book, it’s an honor! However, I would really appreciate it if you read through my guidelines for review requests.

  • I may have to turn your request down due to other commitments or a busy schedule, or if I am not interested in reading your book. This will be decided on a case by case basis.
  • I will endeavour to post my review in a 30 day window of the book’s release date if unpublished, but cannot make any guarantees like this for already published books. Reviews will be published on my blog and/or my Goodreads.
  • I am not currently open to submissions from self-published authors due to time constraints, unfortunately.
  • If I did not enjoy your book, I will try to remain as positive as possible, but I will still provide an honest review. If I rate it two stars or below, a review may not be published.
  • I will mention that the review is of a review copy and who it was provided by in my review.

What genres/age ranges will I accept?

  • Fantasy (YA, MG, adult)
  • Science fiction (YA, MG, adult)
  • Diverse contemporary/fiction – LGBTQ+, characters of colour, disability rep, etc. (YA, MG, potentially adult)
  • Romance will be considered on a case-by-case basis, a good indicator of whether I will accept it or not is if it can be comp’ed with books I have already read/reviewed.

What genres will I not accept/be picky about?

  • Any type of erotica/books heavy on sexual content
  • Horror/most thriller type books
  • I will be picky about romance books

What formats do I accept?

  • I will accept any of the following formats: print (keep in mind I am based in the United Kingdom), mobi (preferred e-format) and epub/pdf.
  • I am not picky about which format, as long as it is one of the above.

Unfortunately, I am not currently open to review requests. Sorry!

Marley out.